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No Magic World Symposium 2016 - Semantics for Modeling Cloud-Native Apps and Web-scale Processes

Presentation Abstract

Semantics for Modeling Cloud-Native Apps and Web-scale Processes

  • Speaker: Dave Duggal - Founder/Director EnterpriseWeb
  • When: Day 3 : Tuesday May 24th
  • EnterpriseWeb’s award-winning application platform features its own Modeling language, SQT™ (Semantic Query and Transformation), which enables the declarative modeling of executable objects.

    SQT provides a common machine-readable design pattern for heterogeneous endpoints (services, APIs, webservices). Objects can be rapidly composed into higher-level applications using simply links and metadata. The platform provides a unified workbench for modeling: ontologies; organization models; data models; processes; user-interfaces; networks; etc. Applications can be linked to policy objects for centralized management and consistent enforcement.

    At run-time, system agents dynamically interpret objects for an interaction context to personalize user-experiences and optimize transactions.