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No Magic World Symposium 2016 - MBSE in Healthcare

Presentation Abstract

MBSE in Healthcare

  • Speaker: Prithviraj (Raj) Mukherji
  • When: Day 4 : Wednesday May 25th
  • This paper presents an MBSE approach to Critical Infrastructure Protection and Recovery (CIPR) in clinical environments. Ensuring cyber security of medical devices and networks commonly used in hospital emergency departments is critical to successful delivery of healthcare in a complex system of systems environment.

    Patient outcomes rely on efficiency and effectiveness in deploying non-clinical services such as communication networks and methodologies for developing software based medical device systems. Clinical decision making in an emergency room setting is time critical and requires availability of past and current clinical information at point of care, the reliable and uninterrupted operation one or more critical life supporting medical devices such as infusion pumps, picture archiving and communication systems, heart-lung ventilators and dialysis machines. Moreover, interacting systems should be transparent and interoperate in a cyber secure environment.